Violin for Joy is a method of

learning the violin.

We believe that learning the violin should be

easy to understand, have quick results,

AND be fun while doing it.

Our founder, Destiny Hwang, spent years refining this methodology and what has resulted is a program that blends clear instruction with joyful practice.



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A Proven System

The Violin for Joy system is crafted to be fun for the student AND have quick and clear results. With Violin for Joy, the student watches one lesson video per week plus has a daily practice video to play along with. The amazing results that come with Violin for Joy are because it’s almost like having your personal violin teacher there with you while you practice.



As a homeschooling mom of two girls and a business owner, Destiny knows what it’s like to feel like there’s not enough hours in the day. The creation of Violin for Joy was actually to help her manage her own kid’s music education without draining her precious energy and resources. As it grew and developed, she has found a way to help other busy parents provide their children with a comprehensive violin education. No more driving to lessons, no more spending hours arguing with your child to practice, and no more monitoring the practice session. They’ll get the same education with just 10 minutes a day.

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30 years experience

Destiny has blended her knowledge from her 30 year violin education and professional violin teaching experience to support the student in learning the violin. Part of what makes the Violin for Joy method so successful is the curriculum. No detail was spared in the creation of this method so students can learn exactly what they need to know, just like in an in-person setting.


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Who We Are

Destiny Hwang, a violin teacher and performer for 30 years, started Violin for Joy. As her teaching practice grew and evolved, she began to dream of a way that she could have consistency in her music curriculum for not only her students, but her own kids as well, without overtaxing her time and energy. That’s when Violin for Joy emerged. Destiny offers a comprehensive and a JOYFUL violin education with minimal input for the parents. 

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